In the time leading up to the holidays we spend a lot of time packaging our wares. Everything from fruitcake to our signature Spiced Nuts gets the special treatment making for beautiful hostess gifts, stocking suffers and Secret Santa treasures.
A great deal of that time is spent on cookies, ALOT of cookies. Ginger Bites, Iced Shortbread, Macaroons, Confetti Shortbread, Lemon, Salted Caramel Chocolate Shortbread, and our seasonal Candy Cane Shortbread are all lovingly handled, tied with ribbon and tagged.

We believe that a beautiful package is almost as important as the cookies it contains. So who better to give advice on great cookie gift-giving than professional cookie packers like us?!

Everybody Loves Cookies

We should probably say this up front: we don’t trust people who don’t like cookies. Cookies are simplicity and beauty. A casual combination of flour, butter and sugar, cookies are welcome at almost any occasion. They make ‘boo-boos’ disappear and put smiles on even the Grinchiest of faces.

No matter what your favouite recipe, even if you’re re-packaging from your favourite neighbourhood bakery, cookies make a great edible offering. But many of these ideas work just as well with truffles, chocolate bark, hot chocolate mix, your best granola or homemade caramel corn.

Making cookies look good is our thing.

Homespun Homage

One of the best fall-backs in the food industry is nostalgia. Things that remind you of childhood or conjure up the image of a Rockwell family gathering complete with Grandma’s old-fashioned Whipped Shortbread, never fail.
Mason jars filled with delights, topped with gingham, or tied with twine is the perfect blend of both. Add some colour by cutting squares of coloured wax paper and separating each cookie. Breakout the glue gun and get crafty by topping the lids with tiny reindeer, winter scenes or snowmen. Or keep it simple and stick with colourful tags and your favourite ribbon.
Always elegant, and super simple, it’s a fast effective approach.

Pro Tips: Be sure your product fits IN the jar. Bake a test cookie, be sure it fit in easily without crumbling. Only work with fully cooled product, or the condensation will make the cookies soft and prone to mould. And last, work one hand cookie-free to avoid greasy-finger prints on your jar.

Bag It & Tag It

From clear cello to plain brown paper, never underestimate the power of simplicity. We love transparent cello bags because it beautifully shows the product and can be easily bunched and tied with ribbon of r a festive look.
Equally festive, small bags, folded, tied with ribbon to secure and tagged with an oversized, colourful tag. This could be the perfect opportunity to use layered paper, rhinestones and glitter paper!

Local Resource: Michael’s Crafts. You can find everything from ribbon to elegant tags and cello bags in several sizes. (Good luck making it out without a new hobby!)


Epicuria Cookies

Alternative Containers

Tried and true is great but sometimes its fun to try something new. Test aluminum paint cans (from your local hardware store) wrapped in velvet tied with ribbon. Or sexy fabric wine bags, they fit cookies perfectly! Wrap a plain craft paper box in your favourite festive paper, line with tissue, and tie with ribbon. Grab a cookie tin, line the bottom with craft packing filler and section using plain white muffin liners and create an assortment of treats.

Look for square, peek-a-boo envelopes and slide a cookie in each one for fun place cards at dinner. Or wrap shipping tubes in your favourite simple paper, wrap your cookies in tissue to form a tube, twist the ends and slide it inside to create a double layer of festive fun.

There must be hundreds of ways to give the gift of cookies, all year though. Here’s hoping yours are both stylish and SWEET.