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We create cravings your can indulge daily.

Since 1990, we’ve worked hard to give you quality food and friendly service, and support our community and neighbours in the Ottawa region. As a company founded by chefs, our focus is on the continual development of our recipes and our cooks – to offer you food that just keeps getting better and better.

The Epicuria Story

Epicuria was born in 1990, originally as Ryley Maclachlan. With a love for cuisine and prepared food, Heather Maclachlan and Cindy Ryley created one of Ottawa’s first fine food shops in New Edinburgh.

They turned out the classic dishes of their culinary education and travels. Boeuf bourguignon, quiche, chocolate devil’s food cake and delicious cheese scones. They cooked, served neighbourhood clients, washed the dishes and invited people into their cooking classes to learn their passion. In 1995, our current owner, Tracey Black, joined the team as a young apprentice and instantly fell in love with the concept of take-home prepared foods. Today Epicuria holds the same philosophy as we did when we first began in 1990 – to connect people through the love of food.

Epicuria is for every occasion.

We create cravings you can indulge daily: drop in for coffee and a treat; take a meal home; gather your colleagues for lunch; mingle over small plates and sumptuous bites. We look forward to seeing you often.
Good meals are for sharing. We’re inspired by food’s ability to bring people together – to deeply connect us over shared moments, meals and experiences. Whether it’s family, a group of friends, neighbours or co-workers. Food is for making memories.
We know food—and we pass that knowledge on to you. We’re not only well-versed in the ingredients of each dish, we can spin the tale
of its creation in the kitchen. We’re always thinking about ways to make every meal - from a formal dinner to a Friday lunch - healthier and more exciting.

We love to help you…

Our social catering menu features a range of dishes that can be combined to create a custom tailored menu for your event. Our gourmet dishes are made with only fresh, high-quality ingredients for a perfect bite, every time.
Share good food with loved ones
Whether you’re gathering with colleagues, friends or family, we’re happy to feed you and the people you care about.

Make healthy eating choices
We believe that healthy eating should never involve compromising on taste.

Save time on cooking
Too busy to cook and tired of take out? Try our fresh take home dinners and frozen prepared meals in Ottawa.
Or indulge in a little comfort!
There’s nothing like digging into your favourite comfort food at the end of a long day. We deliver on your cravings!

Visit our food shop.

Drop into our gourmet shop to peruse our ever-changing array of sweet treats, prepared foods and savoury bites.

Explore our catering services.

There’s not much we haven’t done and nothing we won’t try. Talk to us about your vision, we’ll bring it to life.
Epicuria is an Ottawa-based food shop and catering company. We elevate corporate and social events and create cravings you can indulge daily – from take-home food to prepared meals you’ll love.
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