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“Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park.
Enjoy the ride.”

Cottage Meal Planning for Summer Fun

Time spent at a summer cottage can be a fun, and relaxing way to spend your weekends or precious vacation time. Splash in the lake, nap in the shade, spend time with friends and family and eat too many marshmallows.  How do we savour those moments and make summertime...

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Floral Notes with Mood Moss Flowers

It’s been a long winter and a bumpy start to spring. Time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors and while we’re at it, bring a little outdoors, in.  Let's get into the mood with Mood Moss Flowers! Nothing makes a space more inviting than fresh cut flowers or a...

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Epicuria 2.0

MARCH 16 2011 the fire alarm sounded in the business block at the corner of Beechwood and McKay.  Businesses evacuated, sirens screamed and firefighters arrived. Smoke billowed from windows and the gathering crowd was moved back as the fire quickly engulfed the...

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