Healthy – Both kinds of goodness


You’re mindful of what you put in your body. So we’re mindful of what goes into every dish we make, starting with the finest whole ingredients. We buy local and artisanal whenever possible and always shop with an eye for quality and integrity.

Ottawa and area is home to some amazing product, from quality charcuterie to fresh seasonal produce, and even artisanal cheeses. We believe in supporting our community and those who take pride in their product. Our food is seasonally inspired, devoted to small-batch quality, vibrant colour and uncompromising flavour.

Our passion for great cuisine and outstanding patisserie is evident in every bite.


From satisfying protein salads to healthy soups, whole grain sides, light-carb entrées, and gluten-free sweets we offer a wide array of daily lunch and dinner options to suit whole-food, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free diets.

Ask us anything Ottawa: we’re proud to tell you what goes into our creations. See what’s on the take-home menu right now.

Sample menu items

Among our delicious healthy offerings:

  • Fig and olive tapenade with house-made grain crisps
  • Vegetable slaw with Hall’s apple, pecan and maple cider dressing (Gluten-free; vegetarian)
  • Roasted carrot and beet soup
  • Thai grilled chicken salad with pickled vegetables, cilantro and basil (Gluten- and dairy-free)
  • Chopped salmon wrap with fennel, green olive and lemon
  • Roasted chicken with charmoula, lentil rice pilaf and summer squash (Gluten- and dairy-free)
  • Poached salmon with soba noodle salad cucumber, cilantro and mint Gluten- and dairy-free)